LongShot Films began as an idea for a single project to commemorate the history, sacrifice and dedication of those men who gave so freely of themselves during the later years of WWII. In 2002, LongShot's President and owner, Bradshaw Branch, attended a reunion of the 780th bomb squadron. The result of that visit was the creation of LongShot's first project, On The Wing, produced in conjunction with BBTFilms. Since the films release, LongShot has developed a second project on WWII and is in final post-production with BBT on three additional projects, The Terrible Meek and In-Focus: The Hollywood Lens of Murray Garrett, and the final reunion of the 303rd bomb group of WWII – The Hell's Angels.

Combining the talents of individual film and video artists has created a strong base in the area of production including:

Tom Meegan: Dir. of Photography, Post-Production Supervisor and 2-time Emmy Award Winner
Bill Humphreys: Producer, Director, Executive Producer and 3-time Emmy Award Winner, BBTFilms President
Tyler Heon: Associate Producer and Graphic Artist

Brad Branch began his journey into the artistic word as lead signer for a 1970s rock band. After a hiatus of several years he again hit the boards at Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth, NH and has since logged more than 25 musical and straight theatre productions as actor and singer. In the world of film he has appeared in The Terrible Meek for BBTFilms and recently completed principal photography in Heaven's Hollow for Hughes & Etter. His life long interest in World War II and his admiration for his father's contributions to the war effort led him to the inevitable, a documentary film production in honor of the men of a previous era.

Bill Humphreys is Executive Producer / Director and owner of BBTFilms, Bill began his work in film and television more than 30 years ago. He has since earned 3 Emmy Awards for his work on PBS. In addition his 6 Telly Awards, AFI Award and various other accolades honor his creative talent in both the documentary and narrative forms. Much of Bill's work, including his Emmy Winning Series The Works of Robert Frost, continue to grace PBS screens across the country. As an actor Bill has worked in more that 125 live theatre productions, 7 major motion pictures and can currently be seen as The Oakhurst Dairy Farmer in the television commercial series. He is due to appear in the new cable series The Bridge currently in pre-production and scheduled to begin shooting in Maine in early 2007.

Tyler Heon began work with LongShot Films as archivist and researcher for On The Wing. His work in ferreting out the B-24 camera footage, additional B-roll images and still photographs from the United States Archives in Maryland is seen most effectively in the feature film. Tyler also works with both LongShot and BBT as resident graphic artist creating art design for distribution including posters, DVD covers, labels and ad layouts. His own company eastcoastkid creative services also produces graphic arts needs for commercial and non-profit clients. In addition, Tyler serves as Associate Producer and Production Manager for LongShot and BBT – orchestrating details for pre-production, production and post-production activities.

Tom Meegan has a long and extremely impressive resume' which boasts NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, The Olympics, Wimbledon and The French Open just to name a few. Tom is a 2 time Emmy Award Winner in Lighting and Production and is a certified instructor for Final Cut Pro editing systems. Tom is highly respected in his filed and has lectured at national conventions on the art of incorporating the Final Cut system into live television production. His company Woven Pixels is a full service video production company with the ability to conceive and create from idea to distribution.

LongShot Films has pulled together this unique, skilled and talented menagerie for the purpose of creating high value, high quality entertainment and informative programming.

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